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Clinically Based Bike Fitting


Combining Physical Therapy and Bike Fit to optimize
your cycling

Dr Wendy Holliday
BSc PT, PhD Ex Sci

I am a physical therapist with a special interest in clinical bike fitting. After working in clinical practice for over ten years I decided to pursue post-graduate studies with a focus on cycling biomechanics.  My passion is combining my PT experience with cycling research to conduct clinical bike fits for those who are either injured or uncomfortable on the bike. I enjoy working not only with the athlete but also with the Doctor, PT and coach to ensure the athlete is in their best form for training and racing. I have worked with beginner riders who wish just to be comfortable, through to some of South Africa’s top mountain bikers and triathletes, as well as World pro teams, including Team UAE Emirates in 2018 and 2019. I look forward to working with NC’s cyclists, whether beginner or competitive! whbikefit

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