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I completed my BSc Physiotherapy qualification at the University of Cape Town in 2006 and after a few years of gaining clinical work experience, began full-time study towards my PhD in 2014. 


My thesis investigates how intrinsic factors, performance and kinematics play a role in the optimisation of cycling biomechanics. The thesis investigates the validity of different bike fitting measurement tools, how individual factors, such as flexibility, can play a role in preferred bicycle configuration, and how the body position, muscle activity and saddle pressure mapping adjusts to increasing cycling intensities. The outcomes of the thesis demonstrated that flexibility and specific anthropometrics determine the cycling position as well as enhancing performance. Full body kinematics, muscle activity and saddle pressure indexes are dependent on workload. Lastly, bike fitting measurement methods were shown to have high reliability, but measures of static and dynamic kinematics are not interchangeable. It is therefore important to consider cycling intensity when performing a bike fit in order to optimise the cyclist’s position, muscle activity and saddle comfort. These findings are useful in the clinical application of cycling biomechanics.


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