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Bike Fit Education


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Bike fitting workshop

A workshop to introduce health and fitness specialists to 

on- and off-the bike assessment and intervention.


Charlotte, NC

This workshop has a large focus on practical hands-on teaching with case studies and applied theory being taught. The course will cover pre-bike fit assessment with applicable testing for each cyclist. It will be followed by on-the-bike assessment and interventions necessary for each case study, and concluded with applicable home exercises for each client. 

The focus is on clinical decision-making and application of tests, techniques and choice of exercises.

The theory lectures will be based on latest research within cycling related injuries and optimizing the rider for their type of riding and their riding position.

This course is aimed at physical therapists, chiros, personal trainers, athletic and strength conditioning coaches, osteopaths, or anyone who works with maintaining riders in peak form.


For more details on this workshop and to register

please email Wendy at 

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